• Deena Englard

Are you using the notebook that best suits your needs?

For those of us who love the feel of good old ink on paper, writing down our thoughts and ideas comes more naturally. In fact, it's even recommended. According to The Huffington Post, when you handwrite notes instead of typing them your brain processes the information better. Parsing down the information into a few words and utilizing your physical senses ultimately helps your memory and is useful for those of us in visual fields.

But when it comes to choosing the perfect notepad or notebook, there are a world of options out there. There are so many factors to consider:

  • lined, dotted, graph or blank

  • page thickness

  • page size

  • page count

  • design

  • and more!

Here’s what these designers have chosen for their note-taking and sketching needs and how they made that decision:

Chaya Teitelbaum, @ttlcreative

I use the Fringe Studio notebooks from HomeGoods or TJMaxx. I like the weight of the paper, the cover and the binding. They come in a variety of beautiful cover designs, so you can pick one that compliments your style.

Yocheved Herzog, @thinkinkcreations

I don’t use any sketch pads or separate notepads in particular. I take notes on regular printer paper or my planner - the Blue Sky weekly and monthly planner.

I specifically like this planner because I can see my to do list in front of me on my desk and am able to write down to dos and check them off with a pen. There's also enough space for everything I need to do each day and a good view of the entire week. I also like that it doesn’t have exact times on the schedule, because I wouldn't be able to plan and keep to such exact timing anyway.

Dina Goldman, @dinagoldman_

I use the Remarkable.

The Remarkable is a special tablet that you can write on as if it were paper and email your notes and sketches directly to your computer. This way you never lose your notes, you can keep them straight in your client folder and don’t have to spend time typing them up.