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Chad Gadia AI Prompts

Chad Gadia AI Prompts


Generator: Microsoft Designer & Adobe Firefly

Creator: Pixelix Designs

AI Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate


Use these simple prompts to generate your own beautiful AI Chad Gadia images. Also included are tips for some advanced users and some of my images results along with a small booklet I created with them to the words of Chad Gadia. I’m excited to see what you create!! 

  • What you get:

    • 8 easy-to-use and tested scripts/prompts (110 words) that you can paste right into Microsoft Designer or Adobe Firefly
    • Pro tips for each prompt to help you improve or tweak your results to accurately reflect your vision 
    • 19 high quality images already generated using these prompts
  • Bonus content:

    Build a prompt together with me! 

    I’ll take you step by step with word options and key terms to create a prompt that will produce a stunning scenery image.

    I hope this helps you on your journey to better AI generations.

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