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  • Deena Englard

Top Six Go To Sites for Quality Mockups

Everything looks better in a mockup.

Presentations, case studies, portfolios, Instagram posts - their uses are endless.

Mockups are a simple and effective way to present your designs so that your clients visualize the final product - and love it.

These are my top 6 go-to sites when I’m searching for a mockup for my designs.

Go-To Mockup Sites

Graphic Burger

Mockup World

Free Design Resources




Frocks in Stock :)


How to use a mockup

  1. Screenshot your design

  2. Double click the Smart Object layer to open it in a new Photoshop tab

  3. Paste in your design and scale it to fit the artboard (hit Enter to save the resize)

  4. Save the Smart Object and close the tab

  5. Voila! The mockup will automatically update. Save your Photoshop file so that you don't lose your work :)

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Image by Domenico Loia

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