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  • Deena Englard

5 Great Sites with Quality Hebrew Fonts for Your Designs

Finding modern, high quality, Hebrew fonts for your designs can be a chore. Here are some of the web's best Hebrew font resources:

1. The Open Siddur Project

In their words, the Open Siddur Project is “an open-source, community contributed archive for those sharing prayers and crafting their own prayer books”. They contain an archive of free, open source fonts that anyone can download and use for both personal and commercial products.

Visit The Open Siddur Project >>


In their words, FreeFonts contains “Free Hebrew fonts for free download for web design, printing and commercial use.” They have a nice array of a little over 50 classic, display and handwritten Hebrew fonts that are available to download for free.

Visit FreeFonts >>

3. AlefAlefAlef

AlefAlefAlef is a font foundry with beautiful, modern, professional fonts available for purchase. They also have a section on their site with some free fonts that you can download. Just make sure to read the license for each font because they vary in usage permissions. And while you’re there - be sure to feast your eyes on the adorable logo animation in their nav bar.

Visit AlefAlefAlef >>

4. FontBit

FontBit website for free Hebrew fonts

Another great Israeli font foundry, FontBit has great modern fonts available for purchase. Their site navigates based on categories instead of a general listing/directory, so be sure to look around to find the best fit for your project.

Visit FontBit >>

5. MyFonts

MyFonts website for free Hebrew fonts

MyFonts has a large selection of Hebrew fonts available for purchase. But keep in mind that you will have to filter through a host of sub-par fonts in order to find some of the gold nuggets.

Visit MyFonts >>


Additional Font Sources

Here are a few sites that were recommended to me but I haven't actually used them, but if you do check them out then let me know what your experience is like. Sites are listed in alphabetical order.

English Sites

These websites are in English.

Google Fonts

Google has some free Hebrew fonts available for download. Not necessarily the most modern or unique selection, but hey, free is free.

Visit Google Fonts >>

IBM Plex

This font is available for free to download from GitHub as OTF, TTF and various other formats.

Download IBM Plex Hebrew >>

Shana Koppel

As a professional illustrator, Shana has a created great collection of handwritten fonts for sale, with more fonts being added regularly.

ShanaKoppel >>

Tovim Press

An independent publishing site, Tovim Press has a collection of 36 Hebrew fonts for under $2.

Purchase the font bundle >>

Hebrew Websites

These websites are entirely in Hebrew and may be difficult for non-native Hebrew speakers to navigate.

ChasidishPlus >>

As the name suggests, this site has a collection of more ornate Hebrew fonts.

EzerTypehouse >>

Fontef >>

Fontimonim >>

FontShok >>

Know of any other great sources of Hebrew fonts? Fill us in at to add them to the list.

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