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Swipe these trendy color palettes for your next design

Trendy Pantone colors

One need only look at the concept of Pantone Color of the Year to see that color, like other design elements, go in and out of style. And while for some designs you want to keep things timeless, trends play a part in keeping your designs from feeling stale.

If you're looking for color inspo, look no further.

Here are some cool color palettes that you can take inspiration from and use in your next design.

(This is my favorite color namer tool to use)


Before we leap in, let's point out some common themes I've noticed in these color combos:

1. Lavender accent color

Purple used to be exclusively for highly feminine brands. It was known as a color widely disliked among men. However it's become increasingly popular among all sorts of brands from feminine to tech and beyond.

My personal theory is that this is an effect of lavender being the Pantone Color of the Year twice in recent history. It's slowly seeped into the design culture and taken on a more significant role than it used to have.

2. Neon Lime Green accent color

3. Black primary color with vibrant accents

4. Beige background color (rather than white)

And now, on to the palettes:



High energy trendy color palette


Friendly trendy color palette


Tech trendy color palette

Warm Corporate

Warm corporate trendy color palette

Modern Elegance

Modern elegant trendy color palette

Organic Health

Organic health trendy color palette

Woodsy Vintage

Woodsy vintage trendy color palette

Natural Elegance

Natural elegant trendy color palette

Naturally Modern

Natural modern trendy color palette


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