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Font finds: my favorite display fonts of the year for fresh designs

As a part of our company Spring Cleaning, I recently uploaded all of the fonts I’ve used in the past year into a shared Google Drive so that all the designers on our team have access to them. And I was astounded by this discovery: 

I used over 150 font files this past year!

And that doesn’t include Adobe fonts that didn’t package.

At work, I tend to create a lot of local event flyers and social posts that need a unique look to catch people’s attention, so I’m frequently on the lookout for and installing interesting display fonts for those uses. 

Which got me wondering - what are some of the new fonts I’ve been using this past year? 

If you’re also on the lookout for new and intriguing fonts, then keep on reading for some of my favorite display font finds of the year:

My Recent Display Font Installs 

font bungee from adobe


This font is fun and playful, with lots of variations like outline, hairline and shadow. It's great for high-energy, kid-friendly designs. I used it for a community-wide family-friendly event.

adobe font brushberry handwriting


This font is great for its matching brush-stroke script and two sans serif combinations. I used it to add warmth and an artistic flair to a women's Rosh Chodesh kumzitz event.

adobe font casey baseball script


This font has a fun, 70's vibe to it, reminiscent of baseball games. It also looks quite elegant in this design with the beautiful flowers around it, which is an interesting interpretation I wouldn't have thought of and makes the font impressively versatile.

fleur adobe elegant serif font swashes


Just plain gorgeous.

adobe font gelato luxe hand script


This font has such a fun, warm, yet somewhat elegant vibe to it. I used it for a kids' baking event flyer to create a friendly look with a touch of sophistication.

adobe font kiln grunge texture rough

Kiln Sans

Just loving this grungy, textured, almost organic or natural look. No extra texture layers or effects needed, which is super convenient. It also has a serif style which is great for summer barbecues.

font manofa from adobe modern typeface


I'm still looking for an excuse to use this font. I love how the calligraphic letters create an almost scroll-like or scholarly look, while not appearing too old-fashioned. It might be a good match for a Yom Kippur flyer with vintage colors...

adobe font ohno blazeface display type

Ohno Blazeface 

This font is just bursting with details and personality! I used it as the headline font for a school speaker event along with stylistically-matching florals and pastel colors - it was super cool.

adobe font marlet elegant contrast sans serif

PF Marlet Display

A classic modern high-contrast sans serif, I've been using this font way too often. It's great for anywhere that you want to create an elegant look with a touch of modernity.

adobe font quiverleaf elegant serif


I'm still looking for an excuse to use this font. It has such a cool calligraphic feel to it while being almost serif-like...

salbabida sans pro adobe font bubble rounded

Salbabida Sans Pro

These bubbly letterforms are super fun! I used this font for the headline of a donut-making Chanukah party because the roundness of the letters fit the look of the round donuts so perfectly.

adobe font swear display serif

Swear Display 

This font is a fun surprise - in Regular it looks like a cool serif but when you change it to italics it transforms into something super unique.


Have you used any of these fonts in your designs?

Shoot them my way!

I would love to see how other designers interpret these fonts and the different vibes each one creates in different contexts.


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