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  • Deena Englard

The Graphic Designer Gift Guide, 2022 Edition

There is an art to gift-giving.

Finding that perfect item the receiver would appreciate, and yet doesn’t already own. Something they want, but wouldn’t spend the money on for themselves.

It requires really knowing the receiver, the items they use regularly, their likes and dislikes, their personal style and taste. And, sometimes, their profession.

Here’s a list of great gifts for rewarding yourself for 2022's hard work. Or for your work bestie, mentor, or plain old designer buddy.

This Chanukah 2022 Edition of the Designer Gift Guide includes newly released products, along with some classics. You can find the Chanukah 2021 Gift Guide here.

The Laws of Creativity ($25)

For the bookworm

Magazine Subscription ($12)

The gift that keeps on giving [all year]

World of Type Poster ($20-40)

For the interior design aficionado

Desktop Whiteboard Organizer ($25)

For the friend who has too many pens

Color Wheel Keychain ($20)

Just the cutest little bit of practical and useful swag ever

Better Brand Designer Swag ($45)

For the brand designer who's always learning

Mug ($20)

For the coffee (or tea or hot cocoa!) drinker

Minimalist To Do List Pad ($15)

For the pen and paper to-do-list-er

Gratitude Journal ($30)

For the introspective friend

Adult Coloring Book ($20)

For the mindful co-worker

Adult Paint by Number ($10)

For the creative hobby-ist

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Image by Domenico Loia

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