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Instead of Abril you can use...

Aaaand overused font of the decade award goes to...

With bold serifs trend ing, here are some alternatives to make your designs more unique.

Instead of Abril you can use...


Adobe Fonts / designed by Roxane Gataud

Bennet Banner

Adobe Fonts / designed by Lipton Letter Design

Blacker Pro

Zeta Fonts / designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini with Andrea Tartarelli


Dejanire Headline

Adobe Fonts / designed by Ramiro Espinoza


My Fonts / designed by Jim Ford

Playfair Display

Google Fonts / designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen


Creative Market / designed by Eaver Studio


Great sites for free (commercial use) fonts

Google Fonts -

Adobe Typekit -

Font Squirrel -


Other articles about modern serif fonts


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