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Learn how to improve the other half of your designs with great copy

The Importance of Copy

Design is important. But good copy is just as important. Both are equal partners in creating effective marketing. Without good (strategic) copy - the design won't talk to the target audience - it's just art, with no depth. Without good design - no one will read the copy, no matter how compelling it may be.

In order for your design - that you worked so hard on to perfect the fonts and colors to target your audience and create the right vibe - to really sell, it needs to say the right things, not just look right.

So, it pays to know what makes good copy, good. To know how to take the long paragraphs your writer sent you for the landing page and cut them down into visually interesting sections with bullets, lists, icons and subheads. To take button call-to-action text and change it from passive to active. To know what works.

There's two main ways to learn the basic principals of copywriting:

  1. A (not free) course best for the more serious learner - someone who's committed to gaining this knowledge the right way and believes it will impact her ability to make more money and pay itself off

  2. A free (but consistent) email list (and blog posts/articles) best for the curious learner who doesn't make money directly from copywriting but can use it to increase their current skillset and become more valuable at work and more effective at design, indirectly causing her to make more money in the future

So, here's lists of both types of resources for you to learn from.

Copywriting Courses

Learn effective copywriting the fast way - but with a significant price tag and time commitment

CopyTribe / $2.5k+ Target audience: frum aspiring freelance copywriters and designers

A copywriting course for those with good writing skills who want to learn more about the marketing and strategy that is essential to good copy, along with how to be a freelance copywriter and run a freelance business.

They have a separate price/track for designers who are looking to take only the copywriting half of the course, without the business management half.

This course is open once a year for live virtual weekly classes over 4-6 months. There is homework that you have to submit within a certain timeframe and pass in order to receive a certification (or you can just take the classes without doing the homework or getting certified).

Copy Hackers / Copy School / $1k+ / Free resources

Target audience: freelance and in-house copywriters looking to improve their skills with proven structures, techniques and templates

Pay a monthly/yearly fee for access to a library with courses, lectures and exercises on different areas of copywriting. There's also the (currently, new) option to have the Copy Hackers team personally review your copy (for your own client work!) and give you personalized tips on improvement.

They also have some modules available for free on the site.

Copy Cure

Target audience: Small business owners looking to grow their businesses with effective copy - by themselves, without having to hire a copywriter.

Copywriting course by Marie Forleo.

It opens once in a while for a limited-time, but until then you can get 7 free classes via email by signing up.

Fun fact - if you scroll down the site you'll find a testimonial from a Jewish man wearing a black hat!

The Creative Copywriter

Target audience: Aspiring freelance copywriters

A copywriting course created by a copywriting agency. The small free grants you lifetime access to the courses and homework to learn at your own pace. It also includes modules on how to run a freelance business (just like CopyTribe).

I don't know anyone who has ever taken this course but the writing on the site is amazing so, if that's anything to go by, it's probably good. And at under $300, it's a steal.

They also have a blog with free copywriting articles and resources here.


Modern Copywriting: Writing copy that sells in 2022 / $20-125 (depending on current sale price)

Target audience: Aspiring copywriters, marketers, business owners and designers (pretty much anyone)

I purchased this course (for just $20, there isn't much risk!).

For the price I had really low expectations, but I'm currently 25% of my way through the course and it has been packed with value! The videos are cut to be fast and short, around 5-10 minutes each, with no extra spaces or words. There's files attached to each class with a summary of the content taught, links to additional reading or resources, and a worksheet with homework/exercises to practice.

He's not teaching writing, but copywriting - power words, understand your customer, features vs. benefits etc. As a designer, I've found it to be exactly geared what I'm looking to learn.

VGC Masterclass

Hasn't come out yet, so who knows!?

He also has plenty of micro-articles (clear, concise articles designed to teach 1 persuasion principle or technique at a time) for free here.


Copywriting Emails

The email lists to join for informative weekly tips straight to your inbox. Build up your knowledge the slow-and-steady way.

Very Good Copy

Weekly email with copy tips in a storytelling/warm tone of voice.

Marketing Examples

Free marketing examples, formulas, tips and case studies on the site + in Harry's weekly emails

The Word Man

Weekly email with copy tips in a clever, casual and fun tone of voice.

Fair warning - he doesn't always use squeaky-clean language, so sign up at your own risk...

Business Made Simple Daily

Daily video series with short video tips on small business marketing + messaging.


Additional Reading


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