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8 Brilliant Pesach Ads for Your Inspiration

By Yehudis Blicksilber, Bespoke Design

Here’s a lineup of 8 ads that caught my eye in the publications and circulars around Yom Tov. Some are edgy and on-trend, others have brilliant concepts and copy.

Tuck in and grab some inspo!

Foliage Pesach ad design by Mush Kanner

Ad for: Foliage Brooklyn

Seen in: Balebusta

Loving the: intensely dusky and sophisticated palette, perfectly chosen placeholder shapes, uber-subtle typography. So raw and beautiful - this looks like a trendsetter.

Lerner Shabbos candles Pesach ad design

Ad for: Lerner Candles

By: ?

Seen in: Balebusta

Loving the: Rich, red, dramatic product shot, monochrome palette, brutalist font and modern-but-dignified logo that takes center stage. They’ve gotten an entire story across without saying too much.

Shabbos Party Box Pesach ad design by FriedCo Media

Ad for: Buffet Box

By: FriedCo Media

Seen in: BPWeekly 

Loving the: Full-on retro title that looks like it came straight off the side of a candy box, the hyper flamingo red and mustard yellow, plus the super evocative image. Note the fun bubble-shaped footer overlaid on the scene.

24Six Pesach ad design by ThinkInk and ConsultWrite

Ad for: 24 Six

By: ConsultWrite Media x ThinkInk Creations

Seen in: BPWeekly 

Loving the:  Eye-catching page-on-a-page format and zany copy, perfectly presented in bold caps, white on grey.

Pesach ad design for Sherman Abrams Labs Bentzi IYKYK

Ad for: Sherman Abrams Labs

By: Zurech

Seen in: Mishpacha

Loving the: Eye-grabbing main title with a popping gradient, extreme close-up image, edgy contrast and irresistibly cryptic copy (I didn’t “K”, so I actually searched them up on Google. Turns out it’s not an ad for a new album, they’re a medical service;)

HCS Pesach flag ad design by Pivot Group

Ad for: HCS

By: Pivot Group

Seen in: Mishpacha

Loving the: Power of the split-page format, unforgettable image and play on words. You see the single page first…and then turn over to the spectacular double spread. Like a visual punch line.

Triggo Pesach ad design apocalypse robots

Ad for: Triggo

By: ?

Seen in: Mishpacha

Loving the: Apocalypse vibes:) The unexpected invading robots image, the dizzy positioning of the letters and the immersive, edge-to-edge background image with everything placed on top of it.

3M Pharmacy Pesach ad design Pharaoh prescription

Ad for: 3M Pharmacy

By: ?

Seen in: Ami

Loving the: Popping contrast, red-rimmed postage label you can’t flip past, utterly off-the-charts humor. (Corticosteroid cream prescribed by Dr Jafar Al-Sadiq, MD, to heal Pharaoh's boils? Seriously?)


Yehudis Blicksilber


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