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Go from Frazzled Freelancer to Savvy Studio CEO


Being a frum graphic designer isn’t easy. Let’s do it together.

From searching for Jewishly-sensitive photos to leveling up your skills and keeping up with trends, there’s no limit to your to-do list. That’s why I (Deena Englard :) made Frocks in Stock - as a convenient hub where you can find photos, learn new skills, and discover tips and tricks to save you time and increase your confidence.  


Jewish Photos

Photos taken by members of our own community, available to download for FREE (under the Creative Commons License).


Work Resources

A Job Board listing job openings within the frum graphic design and marketing world. 


Design Content

A Learning Center full of articles with resources, tips, and tricks for improving your design skills and business processes.

Create Designs You Love

Gain the skills you need to create impactful designs that both you and your clients will love.

Recent Articles

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