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My favorite quirky sans serif fonts for unique, trendy designs

Building on the trends we uncovered in our previous article – the 2023 Graphic Design Trends Report – I’m diving into the font game with gusto! 

This time, it's all about those quirky, massive-personality, high-contrast sans serif fonts – the ones that just jump off the page as fun and interesting (check out my previous post for trendy, elegant, high-contrast sans serifs). 

If finding the right font feels like hunting for treasure in a digital jungle, then this post is for you. 

designer font search meme

In this post, I’m serving up the list of (mostly free!) fun, high-contrast sans serif fonts that have been my go-to’s these past few months. 

Obligatory ChatGPT intro: Say goodbye to font-finding stress and hello to a fontastic journey – let's make your designs pop!

My Go-To Quirky, High-Contrast Fonts

Bricolage Grotesque font from Google

Climate Crisis bold sans font from Google

Degular Display bold sans font from Adobe

Gazzetta variable font from Adobe

Gimlet Sans variable font from Adobe

GIN Grotesque font from Creative Market

Graftyne variable sans font from Creative Market

Hoss Sharp modern sans serif font from Adobe

Panel Sans trendy modern font from Adobe

Stinger Variable modern sans serif font from Adobe

Unbounded quirky sans serif font from Google

8 bold modern sans serif font from Adobe


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