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  • Deena Englard

Make your freelancing into the business of your dreams

Congrats - you made the leap to full-time freelancer!

Now what?

Being a solopreneur can be confusing and lonely. One of the best things you can do for yourself and your business is to find a support base. Whatever that means to you - a business coach, a mentor, a fellow designer who’s a little more ahead than you are, a mastermind, etc.

Here are some popular programs and resources created specifically to teach solo designers like you the business skills to thrive as the CEO of your company.

Jewish Course Options

Michelle Mozes' The Rising Designer Course

The Rising Designer

from Michelle Mozes ($375-500)

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Michal Eisikowitz's The Profitable Freelancer Business Course for Designers

The Profitable Freelancer

from Michal Eisikowitz (~$2000)

Learn More (last year’s sales page)

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Other Courses and Coaching

Wayfarer Design Studio Courses for Designers

Wayfarer Design Studio

The Designer Essentials Club ($3000)

Learn More

Templates - Video Courses - 1:1 Coaching - Free Blog ($25-500)

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Spruce Rd. Courses and Templates for Designers

Spruce Rd

Templates - Video Courses - Free Blog ($250-700)

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The Zero Revisions Method (free video training)

Watch the Video

The Brief Collective's Design Biz Academy University

Design Biz Academy

from The Brief Collective

Video Course - Bi-weekly Group Coaching - Templates ($3000)

Learn More

Individual Smaller Workshops ($25-65)

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Morgan Rapp's Design Biz Mastery Course and Coaching

Morgan Rapp

Micro Sales Sprint ($1,500)

6 Week Program - Weekly Group Calls - Video Course

Learn More

Design Biz Mastery

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Free Resources

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The Futur Accelerator Business Course for Creatives

The Futur

The Futur Accelerator ($1000)

Weekly Group Coaching - 52-Week Course Schedule - Template Library

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Courses - Templates ($20-700)

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Free Resources

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Anna Dower's Design Biz Bootcamp eCourse

Anna Dower

Design Biz Bootcamp (~$700)

Weekly Group Coaching - Video Course - Weekly Email Prompts - Cheat Sheets

Learn More

Short Courses ($50-300)

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Freebies: Videos - Courses - Templates

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Quill and Co's Elevate Your Impact Design Business Hands-On Course

Quill and Co

Elevate Your Impact ($5000)

12-Months of Video Courses - Coaching - Workshops - Weekly Feedback

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Free Resources

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Finding the right coach/course for you isn't a picnic. It's like picking a therapist or a Rebbetzin - you don't just need someone who's qualified, you need someone whose personality and approach resonates with you and will impact your mindset and your business.

So, don't just go with the cheapest option (although, definitely stick within your budget) - find someone with a money-back guarantee whose style and goals are aligned with yours and test it out.

Read the testimonials.

Follow them on social and sign up for their email list to get a feel for their style.

And then be prepared to do the work and see what happens!

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn't cost you anything and helps support this site.

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